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Balkan Station 2019

Event Details

Date: 06 September 2019
Location: Balkan Station Garden Party
Address: - Svoge
Balkan Station 2019

It all began in 2009 as a modest garden gathering of friends and connoisseurs of good electronic music, which grew into a two-day event with 9 editions and over 140 artists. We have been absent for three years, but the Balkan Station locomotive is back with full steam for the 10th uncompromising route Sofia – Balkan Station, which will include a dozen artists within 48 hours.

This year’s edition is special. Our special guest is a legendary figure from Sofia club scene – DJ Rady – a pioneer behind the decks, who can hardly be described in a few words. He will be joined by 24 artists who will distort the space with a huge frequency spectrum of sounds and genres. Ivan Shopov is a significant addition to the formula. He will present two of his projects – Balkansky, Ghost303.

For those of you who don’t know – the event is held up in a picturesque meadow that winds the Iskar River, near Bov and Lakatnik Station (Iskar Gorge). The venue is inspiring and perfect for the free-spirited dances that will join this three-day adventure.

For the opportunity to enjoy everything, beyond the stifling atmosphere of the concrete jungle, we rely on your love and respect for nature. Let’s keep it!

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