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LIVE – Chekhov Syndicate / George Eve / 80’s Clash / e23n42sf

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Date: 30 March 2017
Location: TELL ME BAR
Address: - Sofia
LIVE – Chekhov Syndicate / George Eve / 80’s Clash / e23n42sf

CHEKHOV SYNDICATE (Sofia, BG / Montreal, CA)
“Chekhov Syndicate” is a cutting edge collaboration between two of the original members of the legendary Bulgarian band New Generation. Since 2014 Michael Peshev and Kris Kostov make a unique mix between house, techno, dub and trip hop masterly blended with original video content. Combining electronic sounds with real instruments and vocals is a MUST SEE truly interesting electronic multimedia project that will surely take you high.

[80’s Clash] is an electronic duo formed in 2007 by Dimitar Slavkov
(Dickie – Synths) and Kaloyan Gavrilov (KANZ – programming and mixing). The band’s style is atmospheric dub with elements of progressive, dark wave and industrial.

George Eve, known from the record label Audio Avantgarde, believes that music is the language of the spirit, the great uniter. It has the power to elevate our souls, to expand our perceptions of the world, and to create change. Music leads us to the good, the true, and the beautiful. It gives us meaning. His desire is to share this vision through his work, filled with love and commitment to quality; as for his goal – it’s simple – spreading joy and happiness.

Music producer and creator of PERMANENTLY OFF Records /2007/, based in Bulgaria/Sofia.
Born in Bulgaria / Sofia lived in Germany and Italy for a long time.
First aproch to Tekno on Love Parade / Technoparade 1989. Performing at events like the BulgariaTek / Teknival using only Hardware instruments.Occupied with Studio Work.
Owner and manager of Permanently off Records.

Beginning at 21.30 – 22.00 h.
Note that the space is limited and advance ticket purchase is recommended!

Presale Tickets: 5BGN ->
Entrance at the door: 7BGN

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