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Date: 10 October 2015
Location: Mixtape 5
Address: - Sofia

We are back! The Second installment of Electro and Drum N Bass event is scheduled for 10th of October 2015.
We are authentic one-stop destination for all faithful Electro and Underground music lovers to get together under one roof and dance until the early hours. Located in Sofia’s sound temple Mixtape 5, we bring you the best up-and-coming underground electro and drum and bass talent far and wide across the land and beyond to make for a killer party. Special guests from CROATIA and UK. N-TER ( Crobot Muzik, DJ SET) , ADJ (Pyramid Transmissions) amongst with the Electro heavy weights ERRORBEAUTY (Arkada records)
and Bulgarian Drum and Bass and Experimental music support acts.


N-TER // Crobot Muzik // UK
ADJ // Pyramid Transmissions / Outside Recordings // UK
ERRORBEAUTY //Arkada records/ Crobot Muzik // UK


OGONEK // Metafiziq // HMSU
DTK a.k.a DarkTechnik // Audio Avantgarde

Visuals by:

MuteMadness // Audio Avantgarde

Artists info!


Bojan Jascur has been producing music since 1999 and is a true Electro Activist. His debut release “Egoboo Bits” was the first record of its type to come out of Croatia and led to the creation of the Crobot Crew. Originally formed with his partner DJ Xed, the Crobot Crew and Crobot Muzik were founded by N-ter to promote the Electro and Techno sounds throughout Eastern Europe.
Crobot Muzik found immediate success through their critically acclaimed releases and garnered the attention of the Heavyweights in the industry who continuously play and chart their music. Since then, N-ter has released his original music on some of the world’s leading record labels. From his A.U.X. 88 remixes on Puzzlebox Records to his original selections on Twilight 76, Databass,Drivecom and Monotone, N-ter’s production work is in high demand. He has done remixes for A.U.X.88, DJ Godfather, Exzakt, Paul Blackford and Will Web to name a few. Performed with The Advent, Dave Clarke, Aux 88, Detroit Techno Militia and also performed LIVE at DEMF Festival in Detroit.


Andy Jaggers of London, better known by his moniker ADJ, draws upon many influences in his production. A synthesis of IDM, electro, breaks his sound mixe serie pads and finely crafted blips with thick sub bass and syncopated drum patterns. With a resume including over 20 years of producing music and 25 years of DJing from Belgium to the USA, ADJ has released music over a myriad of labels, including Outside Recordings, Touchin’ Bass, and his own inprint, Pyramid Transmissions.
Sporting such a track record of playing electronic music, ADJ has seen many trends come and go. Aside from running his own label, ADJ has been deeply involved with underground music for many years. Throughout the late 90′s, he acted as the music buyer for IQ Record Store, marking him as a curator in the London electronic scene. A tastemaker at heart, Andy not only appears at the forefront of industry happenings, but also expertly displays emotion aurally through his creative endeavors.


“Bulgarian-born Errorbeauty is an electro/electronica producer whose aggressive, tense yet melodically refined music has found it’s way out via labels like Crobot Muzik,Combat Recordings,Subsonic Deivce,Zvuked, Mirizma, Darkness Falls,Vision of Art and most recently the excellent Electro Compendium Compilation.
A professional flute musician by way of background, she became gradually drawn towards the synthetic, broken, intricately textured sounds that only electronic music could provide. Armed with a knowledge of Drexciya and Detroit electro she soon took up DJing in 2003, aggressively smashing up major raves around Eastern Europe, not least the infamous Exit Festival.
Now based in the chaotic yet musically rich atmosphere of London, she’s upped her game in the production and DJ’ing stakes and continues to evolve her sound.


Alechek is originally from Sophia, Bulgaria; one of Eastern Europe’s most renowned capitals known for its art and cultural influenceis.He is currently signed with Sci fi Records, a London-based record label known for fostering talents in the electronic music genre.
His music brings a refreshing mix of eclecrtic pulsating beats and unique rhythms with a tranquil undertone that soothes the soul.
The leftfield/experimental style of Alechek’s music is a treat for the ears of listeners.


Exo is known for his taste for futuristic sound. Not surprisingly in 2006 he becomes the first DJ to pioneer the fresh dubstep genre in Bulgaria – the audience is shocked, yet fascinated by the unexpected beat and bass pressure. Throughout 2006-2011 he proved proves himself as the leading dubstep/drumstep DJ in the country – always with up to date selection of uncompromising sound quality. Recently he shifted to autonomic/drumstep, again pioneering a sound not yet popular in the area. He’s well known for his intense double-drop approach to mixing and love for mellow sound and unordinary drum structure.

Valeri Sholevski (OGONEK)

Valeri Sholevski is known as Ogonek since 2000 year for Bulgarian drum and bass audience, although he started producing his electronic project in 1997. At the same time he was part of the creation of “PBPM” label along with the producers Kei, Sub and KiNK (who is one of the artists released at for Josh Wink’s label Ovum). Later Ogonek met Ivan Shopov (Cooh) and worked together in 2002 they put out five incredible pure drum and bass and idm LP’s.
Meanwhile Valeri became part of HMSU – the biggest music underground movement in Bulgaria organized over 350 dnb events
In 2008 Ogonek established Metafiziq Recordings – a label, which finds its place at the world drum and bass scene presenting works by artists such as Counterstrike, Cooh, Dub Elements, Gancher & Ruin, Digital Soul, Freqax, Kaiza, Joanna Syze, Balkansky, Fragz, Erre, Ymb and more…
In 2010 together with Bassline Agency alongside Anger Managment he organized the biggest dark drum and bass show called “Therapy Sessions – Sofia” in Bulgaria.
In 2011 Ogonek started and organized a uniqie show called “SCARY MUSIC” wich is usually a 7 hours live set performed only by him and Cooh.

DTK a.k.a DarkTechnik

DarkTechnik is a familiar name to our e-scene from 2006 onwards. Undoubtedly a pioneer in hard techno culture in our country. in 2013 he decided to plunge into the depths of drum and bass sound, which deserves admiration and not coincidentally his first participation was after the drum & bass greatness High Contrast. Now DTK is a real drum & bass killah who can be heard at one of the best parties in Bulgaria. His sets are filled with deep bass lines, fast paced and chilling selection with superior.

ENTRY- 6lv before 24:00 and 8lv after .

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